Monday, 29 August 2016

Life Ed Van

Today we were lucky enough to learn in the Life Ed Van. 
We are learning about:
How do we see the world and is it ok to think differently?
What are the impacts of the decisions we make?

We read the book. First Day Blues.

We spoke about why the other children didn't play with Blue and why we sometimes laugh at others that are different. We explored how laughing would make the other person feel. 
We looked at different birds and came up with examples of things that bird was weak at and what the bird is strong at.
We then got into small groups and spoke about things we were each good at and things we are not so good at. We realised that some things others were great at we couldn't do and the other way round.

We did an activity where we had to think about things we couldn't do and stood on spots that said Not like me and Like me. Then we spoke about changing how we think and saying "I am not good at that YET"

Today we went back to the Life Ed Van and spoke about empathy and conflict.
We worked with a buddy to share our ideas.
We learnt about sympathy and empathy and how these are different. We watched a video about empathy.
We learnt about conflict and how it can get worse if we react and act like a shark. This makes the problem bigger.
This is not a good thing so we need to learn how we can solve the problem in a better way. Let's act more like a dolphin. Think about the other person. Be gentle and think about the problem.

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