Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Story Writing - An introduction

This week we have been looking at our Narratives and been working on how to write a narrative properly. We started by gathering ideas, then brainstorming, then planning sing transition words to add time and today we worked on the introduction. We learnt that an introduction should HOOK the reader and make them want to read on. Here are some examples of our introductions:

Harry - 'Woosh!' went the fast car. "When will we get there?" I asked. "In an hour" said mum. "Ok" I said and I decided to play on my ipad because it was getting boring in the car. Suddenly we arrived. I was pleased to be at Taupo. I could see the lake and when the garage door opened i could see the tractor and the boat. "Yay!" I thought. I was excited to start this holiday...

Esmae - 'Broom! Broom!' went the school bus as it took off. All the kids were talking and it was loud. I was talking to my friends Kate and Zoe. When we got there the whole bus said "Yay!" We were at rock climbing. We didn't know we were going there and I couldn't wait to climb the climbing wall...

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