Thursday, 5 May 2016

News - 6 May

Harvey showed us his star wars book and all the lovely pictures he had done in it.
Lachlan went on a family holiday to Melbourne and he brought a book that had all the fun activities you could do. One of his favourite ones was getting locked up in a cell.

Joshua brought in a shell from a bullet. He was thinking about bringing this in all week as we were learning about the ANZAC s.

Harry is looking forward to his first rugby game tomorrow!

George told us of his fishing adventures in the holidays. You all caught so many fish!

Honey is excited to go to ice age live!

Sophie showed us a picture of her great grandfathers grave. He was in the war and survived. He was 81 when he died.

Hamish has joined Scouts and he got a badge for attending the ANZAC parade.

At the market Esmae got some ringing balls. She says you shake them when you feel angry.

Ben has just been on a big holiday to Australia.
On Tuesday when Nicole got home she was told by letter that she had won the colouring in competition that she entered. She got a voucher as a prize and she wants to get a fish tank and fish with her prize money. Well done Nicole!

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