Thursday, 26 May 2016

News - 27 May

Honey is going to ice age on ice tonight!
Bike riding fun for James and Josh.

Mackenzie is excited about their house that is being built. They have poured the concrete and the wood has been delivered.

Lachlan showed us the photos he had on his iPad from their family trip to Melbourne.

Sophie went to the doc the other day because she has something stuck in her foot. They have found it using a sonar and it is 13mm long. Ouch!

Nicole told us about her holiday up north to visit her cousin Grace.

Harvey is looking forward to possibly going to Oz and driving in his dad's race car.

Esmae shared a picture of her peacock!
The boys are going fishing and ten pin bowling! They have bets on who will win. It's to celebrate Josh birthday.

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