Thursday, 7 April 2016

News - 8 April

Ben goes to piano lessons on Saturday and he is learning so much.
Harry is very excited about his two new pussycats. One is called Richie and the girls is called Poppy. Harry thinks they are so cute and the boys are enjoy g playing with them.

Reece Sed Minecraft to make a house with lava in it. It moves and looks like it is coming out.

These bus all like fshing and they have made these boats. Some are also submarines and house boats. They can transform and are very cool!

Tayla shared that she goes to guitar lessons on Tuesday's. Her guitar is black and purple and she has learned some cords.
After school today Amelia is going to her beach house and she is looking forward to riding her scooter when she gets there.

Some nights Lachlan reads a book before bed. At the moment he is reading the magic of the far away tree and he is nearly done. He told s all about the plot of the story. Sounds so interesting !

On Saturday George and his dad did the x race and they did ten km. Oh my goodness this sounded like fun. Tug of war and running. Well done George and dad!

Olivia's sister was chased by a dog and she had to jump the fence to safety.

Mackenzie was with her brother on the weekend and her brother had a bit of a fall. He banged his head and had to get stitches. Brave Alex!
When Nicole was 4 she got the teddy set.

After school Sophie got to eat some honey straight from the hive. She showed us pictures of the wax and honey..

Last weekend Annabelle and her dad did an x race. She got a t-shirt and a medal.. She had to run 4km. Way to go Annabelle!

Last week Honey told us about the crab claw she found and the week she brought it in to show us.

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