Thursday, 3 March 2016

News - 4 March

Nicole and Sophie had a play date and had fun on the tramp with bubble bath. Sounds like fun!
George went to the movies seem on Saturday. They saw a huge waka.

Charlotte is going to move to a new house soon and she is hoping for a dog and chickens.

Honey's mum's partner won  tickets to a concert. Honey likes the music and hopes her mum has a fun time.

Amelia showed us some very interesting items she found them under a big tree. They are called sweet cooker or chestnuts. Thank you Amelia from r sharing such interesting news.

Mackenzie showed us her headband she got. The girls think it was pretty and they like the feathers.
Harvey likes his mums new car. It has lots of working doors.

Ben brought in his connects. He enjoys connecting them by putting the magnets together. Very cool Ben. He also showed us his favourite piece which was curved and light blue.
Ben brought the tickets he got for the cable car in Wellington. A few kids had been on the cable cars and enjoyed their time too.

Josh got a new game on his iPad. The game is called Machine World. The boys thought this was very cool.

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