Thursday, 10 March 2016

News - 11 March

Ben went to the movies with Mackenzie and they watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Ben also had a one on one encounter with Tigers at the zoo on the weekend. He brought in a cd to teach the children more.
Sophie's family have gone to the South Island for a birthday celebration. 

Esmae's dad caught a crayfish. It was very big and the children were very interested.

Lachlan went to the airport and saw a black plane that he loved. He got a bag with a note book and picture of a police dog.  There was an activity pack and pilot pin. Sounds so exciting.
He also shared her s crystals and rocks that he got.

Next week Harvey will be away visiting his dad. Sounds like a special time Harvey.

George's dad went fishing and caught fish. They smoked the fish and ate it for dinner.

Next week Honey will be staying at her neighbours as her mum is away.

Harry enjoys playing his new game.

Nicole went to visit a new baby last week. The baby is a little boy and his name is Jackson.

On Saturday Hamish saw the targa rally cars. They went right passed his house.
Charlotte and Billie joined teams on Minecraft. Charlotte is called queen Elsa and Billie is Autumn girl.

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