Thursday, 31 March 2016

News - 1 April

Amelia and her family went to Matarangi for the Easter break. They made signs for the bunny to find them and it left her a big egg on her bed.
In the holidays Harry drew this picture of a large ship. It took him two days to complete. It's the Titanic!

Ben is excited for his brother because it is his 11th birthday today. Happy Birthday Jack!

Honey went away for the Easter holidays. They stayed in a little house in front or huge rocks. She saw several crabs and at first she thought they were spiders.

On the 24th of April Lauchlan is going to Melbourne on holiday. He is looking forward to seeing the boat museum and enjoying the hot weather. 

Hamish and George have joined the Minecraft works too. They live in a half sand village and a large castle. 

Reece has made a waterslide pool in Minecraft and showed us his creation.

Mackenzie enjoyed the bush walk at Brownies. She has a couple of friends from school that do it with her. She walked through a paddock with cows and was a bit nervous about the bull.

Charlotte plays a game called cat hotel and she just got two new cats because she looks after them so well.

Tayla enjoys playing on her calculated that she got for Christmas. She likes doing adding and multiplication sums.

Lavaanya made these little bunnies out of loombands.

James has been busy building a large pool on Minecraft

Sophie added to her crystal collection. So many beautiful crystals!

Olivia found a bunny tail on Easter when she was out walking. I wonder if it belongs to the Easter bunny?

Blake was surprised by a visit from his Aunty and her twin babies. She lives in the UK.

Esmae showed us a picture of all her presents she got for her 6th birthday.
Harvey got a gift card for Easter together with a giant Easter eggs and heaps of lollies.

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