Thursday, 25 February 2016

News - 26 February

Blake is excited to take the boat out over the Easter holiday when they go to Cooks Beach.
Mackenzie remembered a time when she went shopping with her family and she ate a cookie. She realised she had a wobbly tooth and this morning it is extra wobbly. Can't wait for it to fall out!

A long time ago Harry's dad did swimming. Harry had a school photo of his dad and Mrs Allison-Dodds was in the picture too. How cool!

On Saturday Lachlan is going to the airport. He is going to look at some of the f the aeroplanes. It is his first time and he is very excited.

George has bought headphones with his own money. He is s going to use them for his iPad.

Sophie, her dad and her brother built a fort from old boxes. They have a door and are thinking about a draw bridges.

This group of girls collected feathers at school. They have described their feather and they have been looking in a book to identify which bird lost their feathers.

Olivia has eels at home and she showed us a video of how they come up for food.
Ben shared his exciting news about his trip to Wellington. He went on a plane and visited many interesting places.

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