Thursday, 11 February 2016

News - 12 February

Blake has been to Cooks beach and he caught six snapper and three on their short lines.

Tayla went fishy Ng with dad one day and they nearly caught a stingray. George is a keen fisherman and he explained to Tayla how to catch one.

Lavaanya has been doing experiments at home and made a person eruption. 

Zara got a kitten. She thinks it's very strange when the kitten chases you and nibbles your feet. There are two kittens, Simon and KittyK.

Mackenzie shared her new games on her iPad. She is very excited to play them this weekend.

Today is Sophie's grandmas birthday. They may even go in the spa and have MacDonalds for dinner. She is around 86.

Last weekend Honey went to stay at her friends house. They watched to and stayed awake to jump on the beds and dance to cool music.

Nicole's brother went to butterfly creek and they saw alligators and a huge spider
In the holidays George went fishing on his poppas new boat. He saw kingfish and caught a 17kg kingfish!

Ben is super excited about his trip to Wellington next week. He said he will miss all of us but he will send pictures.

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